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vindectus cosplay

GameMK / 2016-09-10

Recently, Century natural "vindictus gold" "a new version of the conference-cum-game concert" at 19 pm at the Shanghai International Fashion Center was officially opened. Small waves in the pre-development team invited to the ROK chief of Wu Dongshuo and PM provider Ye Zhao conducted on-site interviews. In the interview, South Korea vindictus gold announced a new version of the hanbok "death squads" (Goddess of the text) in the domestic on-line time and responded to questions, including servers, including a series of hanging off the player concerned, the following small series for everyone to bring interviews of first-hand information.

 vindictus gold

Sina game: With the "Rocky Hero" constantly updated, the current version of the injection of fresh blood less friendly place to attract new official plan in the future? Propaganda team players feel on the game is not enough.

In fact, you can see the "Rocky Hero" is often in the Sina and other sites ah (laughs). From Los British pull the new point of view, the national costume hanbok have emerged more or less the threshold issue, we work with the ROK team has also been adjusted in phase approach. Some new players to start the game, when not even know how to sail, the face of such problems, we will make adjustments to the new kinder on these details. (In fact, the project team on a beginners guide has been adjusted several times). For the novice stage to improve incentives to improve incentives make it easier for them to survive, to get the equipment when the plot is completed, try not to let a player repeatedly brush view of the experience needed to upgrade also significantly reduced. We will work hard to let more people know the king of such a classic 3D action games!

Sina game: players for the server and offline card linked to serious was dissatisfied with how the official will be resolved?

For the player causing bad gaming experience Sorry, the development team has to understand Caton problem and give you a reply as soon as possible. Caton server problems we have been debugging, has purchased a new server in place, we will gradually replace the existing server, complete replacement upgrade! (With particular emphasis on new, absolutely nothing else the rest of the game) EVE project manager with us by and we do not give it!

Offline hanging studio brush gold undermine economic balance has been plagued everyone outside is also rumored Tiancity studio into collusion. Can you think about the high cost of the server into the studio to give much revenue? We will never do so! I hope you will believe me, we work with plug-in and studio rivals, there can be no partnership!


Sina Games: Developers interested in the future of the country can be changed into a dress XE dress original dress, it is synchronized with Korea? Is there such intention?


About the dress has changed into a dress XE original clothes, this is not the aspect of the development team can decide. Because both players have their own supporters, so we have to this problem, more fancy the idea of ​​players to gather information before making a decision.

Sina game: Can you disclose Vindictus future role in the development of new or existing role of the second type of weapons movements do?

New role and the role of existing weapons now have a second plan, but it will not also be introduced. Currently available are doing what role screening for weapons. On the new role of program, temporarily unable to disclose.

Sina game: dress the current balance on the worrying, some of the roles is simple and powerful output, like a Karoo in PVP can settle across a group of people, the future will take steps to make some of the popular characters become stronger?

In fact, on balance, not just the national dress of the problem, other services also have this problem. First, the development team for the existence of the problem, apologized to the player. For the balance of the development team is also working to improve efforts. For the time being there is no intention to strengthen the role of popular development team will not be based on popularity alone to decide whether to increase or diminish the role of combat capability.

Sina game: Currently Luo Ying PVE and PVP operating system is consistent, but many do not fit entirely set PVE apply in PVP, such as CD players can not shift by shift, future intentions in this regard amended?

In fact, some operating systems the gap between PVE and PVP is the presence of, for example, Alisha some PVE skills to other roles in PVP is not fair. "Vindictus" itself is a PVE game, can apply PVP mode, the development team is still under consideration.

   Sina Games: No new Boss brief introduction the text, such as the background story, character or way of fighting like?

"Luo Ying" view of the world based on Celtic mythology, the goddess of light and the text is in the game, one of three major goddess (the other two being the goddess of war and Nemesis Marian Mach). In the design of the time, the text is designed as a strength of the most powerful Boss, she also need a pair of steel wings. As to why have a pair of wings of steel, it will be in the follow-up story in Secret.

The main weapon of the text as spears, characterized by a fast attack speed, wide range, when needed close attention.

In addition, Luo Huolan plague and she also made the text next to the root causes of the pollution caused.

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<-! InfoKeyWord -> recent pictures
Sina Games: current concepts VR is very hot, we Vindictus intention to follow up on whether the future VR model?

For the VR development team is also very interested in, but there is no plan. First, "Vindictus" brilliant sense of action itself using VR mode would have been very dizzy; second, "Vindictus" is an old game, a lot of things have to lay the foundation, then suddenly joined VR mode, for the development team, the workload is very large.

Sina game: Lynn's big move in the end how long? Lin Wu will appear in the two-year plan it?

Lynn's big move is being planned, upcoming, it can be said in this quarter will launch. Lynn's second weapon, there is no planning.

Sina game: dress when updating weapon upgrade system? Hanbok new "in the text" (death squads play the female BOSS) will meet the players and at what time?

On arms elevated material synthesis will be served as soon as possible, please also wait and see. Hanbok new female BOSS Nevin, because of the different national dress of the environment, will deliver as soon as possible after resolving. (Winter before serving national service)

Sina game: a player feedback Weapon often time-efficient and sometimes can affect PVE experience, the future will do for this function to consider a switch it?

This feature is under development!

Sina Games: Los British fashion designer seems to have been partial to the house, to the role of the players want to move closer to the body of his girlfriend, we will launch a fashion line with a number of non-home players Aesthetic future?

"Vindictus" Fashion has always been the purpose of the development of a variety of players to meet the desire, the idea has always been so fanciful. So the future for aesthetic planning of fashion, we can all look forward.

Sina Games: Unlock All future when the mall to buy fashion way? A lot of players asked me to tell you, no place to spend their money, not unwilling to spend money!

This rarity fashion with a relationship, because a lot of fashion through a special way to get. If this part of the fashion direct selling, then the player has to have this fashion, it is a betrayal, so this part of the rare fashion we do not consider the sale. If you are ever in the mall selling, sales of players to miss this part of fashion, we will be according to the needs of players after the shelves again.