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vindictus new version

GameMK / 2016-09-19


For the "Vindictus" senior players, 9 months late it has been very attractive, especially when combined with Vera, Hawk, Alisha, sea and other new role on the time line view. This time, Vindictus Gold did not let the players down, prepare the updated version a large wave. A new version of the vindictus gold line time formally identified as the September 28, look forward to it!


      [New battle - the struggle of the tower]
      Tower struggle, is the "Rocky Hero" This new version of the new campaign gameplay, in addition to the difficulty of upgrading, control time and other characteristics, the new props award also makes quite look forward to!



     Tower struggle of up to 4 people team, can at least in the form of single sail. Recommended minimum of 2 players team up to sail to prevent all alone. Total underground tower composed of 10 layers of struggle, the battle will be after the completion of the current floor, move to the next floor. And every moving, the monsters will become more powerful.


     Tower of fighting games are played the diverse forms of struggle, and there is a time limit. Will initially provide 12-minute time limit, at the completion of each floor will be increased by 2 minutes. If you reach the underground layer 10, will receive 12 minutes plus 18 minutes for a total time of 30 minutes to complete.


     After the struggle of the tower, you can get "experience, the Warriors Medal, AP, gold" and other incentives. Compared with the previous campaign, you can get complete than S2 Drama fighting a little more experience. And the tower that it can get a little more fight Warriors Medal, the Medal of the Warriors will not play obtained are summarized in the daily limit for the number. 80 to 90 in the tower of the difficulty of the struggle, in addition to the basic bonus, you can also have a chance to get "struggle debris" that can be used to enhance the properties of armor Oh!







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