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vindictus new job

vindictus Gold / 2016-04-16

New Job :Delia



      Not in love love Ronald Delia armed Knight of the Kingdom
      One autumn, the sun shines, the king and the princess of the mysterious country have the same golden hair color children, walking with a cheerful pace. Vindictus Gold Surrounded by a bunch of worry about any sudden occurrence of an event of soldiers, and in front with a wooden sword of the children playing in contrast. One of the most dynamic is the king's youngest daughter Rosa Delia Buy Vindictus Gold .In these than their own high head of the brothers in the middle, no less, the most powerful shouting "come over", imitating the appearance of the knight, is really a lovely picture. For Ronald Delia provocation, the brothers were smiling at. A distance of the king for Rosa Delia is always such a dangerous game feel uneasy, but the princess smiled and comforted her husband, said "or a child, how can you still do." The king seemed to have been accustomed to these comforts. The king saw the get victory of Rosa Delia from distant spread like golden hair came running, and also with the parents show said, "do you see it? I am powerful!" Can only put a pile of toys for the original back to the castle again Ronald delia. In the blink of an eye, Rosa Delia is a slim and graceful girl, king never could stand it no longer, ordered the Rosa Delia's sword to take away, instead of the sword is some crafts and social dance lessons. Rosa Delia naturally do not want to learn these little daughter, send those out of town when the knight brothers, she would make promises, he will soon be with the past.