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teach you vindictus Enhance equipment +15

vindictus Gold / 2016-04-16

Equipment to Enhance the Raiders: teach you how to Enhance the equipment +15

vindictus gold +15
1 do not use the props in the mall before Enhanceing to +5
2. Do not continuously use mall Enhance guaranteed props, always try at intervals of 30 minutes or one hour of time to try to Enhance (personally, I find this can increase your chances of Enhanceing, but this may just for me)
3 rapid reinforcement so you won't have time to doubt yourself
4 Enhance the time can be used offline and then on-line method (to disrupt the probability of Computing)
5 try to cancel, so you can buffer after you start .buy vindictus gold
6 once you have been waiting for some time after you successfully from the +7 to the +8 do not stop, continue to Enhance. If you fail 3 times in a row, please take a rest today. You will never force yourself.
7 do not buy more than 5 in order to Enhance the base on the ground a group, it looks like you will reduce the probability of not know what reason. buy vindictus gold He seems to always look like the last one, or the last second to Enhance the props when the success of
Add: is your first on-line time to Enhance the probability is the highest, generally is the case, remember the first day when on-line, taboo: never a day to come off the assembly line to Enhance, basic die miserably.
Article 2: avoid by all means is not due to enhanced failure, and continue to sink, or deeper, that is, for example, today you Enhance + 4, + 5 and + 4, + 3, + 3, + 4, + 3, this words, today's teenagers are not Enhanceed, then rest, do not believe you can try.
Third: use your Enhanceed weapons to brush a few times to Enhance, and then come back to Enhance the relative success rate can be improved.
Fourth: don't because of the failure of multiple and continuous reinforcement, or you will lose more. If 1 days to Enhance the +6 continuous reinforcement 2 times on the +8, do not hesitate to continue to basically be able to go on 10, if the middle of the failure or fall, the recommended line after the failure probability, or tomorrow to Enhance.
Above Raiders: apply +11 red +15.
I hope everyone will be able to Enhance the equipment to +15

***before Enhance , you need a lot vindictus gold .buy from us than enjoy the game***

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