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BNS double attribute

Blade and Soul Gold / 2016-04-18

The earth, the ice also argue for some days, the February 25 update is also the final judgement. So, I am the new person to do a good summary of the pros and cons of it, the property is not sent out, the meteor 1 liters 2 with a 16 hand is no one. As for the sword of blade and soul gold the spirit of course also didn't what to say, smart beta 1 boxer, Bai Qing abandoned pits, pectoral Qi played regression Netcom, never forced me mind pit.
Beginning of the article:
First, most important, if you want to walk on ice, please do it right arm palm 5 order three cheats, eat ice flame oil that, without the cheats  blade and soul gold , it should not be bought jewelry attributes, the cheats on ice is very important, below, the specific will be mentioned.
PS: output means land is the heaven of boxing, boxing, strength, I will call the fisherman three...
Output: ice before Earth > are still controversial, but after the updating, basically reached a consensus. Ice with simple technique, stable frequency, update more high coefficient of perfect in the same way beyond the earth. However, it is in the ideal situation, so this is a non mainstream summary, because, this factor too many people test the, this time we said other aspects.
Internal force:
Ice: ice force consumption and serious, which is why there is a need for cheats, turned out to be right arm palm only a layer of battle, using cheats and the right hand palm behind crit layer 2 gas war, disguised increase the Tieshan by frequency, and Tieshan by as back to the core skills, for ice pectoral Qi is very important. No cheats support, ice force can be said to promote tied, often appear in the case of fault. Ps: if you are in Europe, the trigger back to the buff, when I did not say
Earth: what is the internal force? Can you eat it?... I don't know what it is!
Operation complexity: this together, the first major earth complex in Fisherman fist three anti human cutting tool.. Various backswing cannot cancel, need more practice in order to achieve a smooth point, easy mistake. After all, there is no man never broken rhythm. However, people tend to boxer, boxer, but can I cancel the output. Hand in hand project summary. In contrast, ice, more is mental Engineering, ice if you want to smooth the output, high frequency force, air war two points, arrange to skill hit every time, and the need to constantly looking for boss chrysanthemum, I was running past or QE in the past, the installed a full, boss when he turned and so on, are ahead of the need to think, the overflow of internal force of ice and gas Zong is a loss.
PS: you want me to say which is more complicated. I am not a good summary, can only say that for hand residual, hard land of heaven: brain damage, for the ice can not play.
Output: Earth > ice, said a simple example, I have two sets of jewelry, earth, ice are playing, a time to enter into the attitude of ice snow palace, king, to kill Matt Shura after fire, gazing at the stage, there is a small partners to fire on the Asura King behind, suddenly feel, flooded, overwhelmed.
Although this is very rare, but there will always be, the earth, the ice can be said that behind the boss wonders while the earth behind the target is only to enhance the output, positive and not what problem, more relaxed. Ice behind the target can be said is the core of this routine established conditions, after all, if there is no trigger cheats, you will play very uncomfortable, if there is a 5 seconds out back in the buff,
It will face an embarrassing situation in the air, in addition, behind the Airbe decision is very relaxed, behind it, a QE to.
PS: in the face of case, in fact, we can cut the momentum of Snow Dragon Palm / palm to solve the outbreak of disillusionment... Only then I had used it in advance..
Mobility: ice > earth, this is to say ice output left hand high frequency used in the key rarely, can vacate a hand to control the movement; earth left basic has long been f trapped dead, mobile control don't want to play out three smooth fisherman fist. The other are the same, not to mention.
Being the first to think of so many, this can not be said guide is attached to, I just published a non mainstream opinion, as to how to choose the earth ice, I give advice is not afraid of tired hands, this to arbitrary point, the earth is your choice. Be absorbed in love in the game, high output, is used to output the tension, the ice.
Said little digression: this career is really a problem, the no team advantage to speak of, unless one day there will be irresistible screen damage spells, or gas cases can be replaced by any career. Output, you guy with don't worry, cases of gas output is not low, outbreaks need spiritual core and limit hit kill gossip support, to hurt to moderate and the need to support Gang gas protection can feel at ease to finish. Continuous output can be said to be in. If the technique is smooth, the gas is expected to reach the output is fully into the first echelon, but that is the first echelon of the middle position.
Also said so much, it is estimated that some people say too long not to see, I only pray do not be sprayed on the good, do not tear does not speak the truth, mobile phone code word so much, do not sink.. Finally I wish you all good health and good luck.
To add one more point, Zong Qi after must be modified, as is a big change, redo, or multiple small change, see hanbok side of the planning. There is still hope to turn into the pit, has invested don't regret,