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how to got TOP Silver

GameMK / 2016-05-15

How to got Tree Of Savior Silver

Any questions ? can be contact us in live chat

How to Buy

(1)Search products
(2) Order confirmation and pay
(3) Contact Us in "live Chat"
(4) Deliver gold in game
(5) Enjoy it




1. though Market (Auction House)

post an item on market ( we cover 10% tax ),and let me know your items name , we will buy it when your items show on market

when Successfully registered the item. Please allow 30 minutes to 2 hours for items , excluding Tokens, to be shown on the Market

after 48 hours you are able to retrieve your silver from the market with exception of tokens


2 . Meet at Klaipeda City

contact us and meet at Klaipeda city for trade (only items)


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