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vindictus EP4 last patch

GameMK / 2016-05-15

vindictus EP4 last patch

Are people's memories really trustworthy?
Yesterday's world and today's world is the same?
The dead are about memory goes by, solitary
A person in the mercenary group, never
To remember who they are.
Whether it is a hero, or is about to become a hero who will stand in the decline of the crossroads, let him accept
An irresistible offer.

In the peak of the crater Fansainuo commander. The monster, a monster made of hard rock, can be used as a huge shield to carry out a considerable damage.

In Fansainuo peak, the silent lake, Lulla Bada in waiting for you heroes challenge. Heroes of justice in the past, but now exudes the smell of the fallen. Lulla Bada can use skilled gun and sword, especially the gun attack, with explosive destruction. If the heroes can't work together, it's possible to lose all their precious teammates!
Only with "for the sake of other members, the sacrifice of their courage", can be a powerful attack from Lulla Bada, the guardian of all the teammates

 vindictus gold of lugh lamhfada

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