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maplestory v.173

GameMK / 2016-05-15

V.173 - detective update Preview
Mystical time! To chase the tamer, Yong, Behold, Jett and new Zen, is a member of the star detective. Together to uncover the mystery of the missing pet! And then, on the journey to the world, you join Mr. Lee's world tour. Play mini games in different countries and maplestory mesos earn coins in exchange for cultural awards. But look out! Monsters come to the village of the monster in the nursery, which is! Defend the city and its citizens from these little dwarfs in the monster's picnic. Time capsule events and other events will also arrive. All of this, in the detective!
Star detective

To chase the tamer, Yong, Behold, Jett and the new Zen, they go on a secret maple leaf size! In the adventure of the Island special pet is missing, and this group of heroes must unite to expose the conspiracy to find their missing friends. As part of the "star detective", you will be with a star crime group! You must conquer evil together and be your friend for life.
Monster picnic

Little monster kindergarten is going on a picnic in the village of Sagittarius! You'd better also have, and try to protect the shooter village and NPC any damage to the little creatures that might have caused the. Take care of the baby monster, crybaby Kronos and baby rock terminator! This event has multiple stages, and you have to defend the NPC and define each stage of the monster. Residents of Sagittarius will reward your efforts with scrolls, 2x coupons and more. If you have successfully protected the city many times, you can get your hands on a medal and a chair!
To participate in the world tour

Join Mr. Lee as his world tour! Travel to different countries, take part in the games. In the United States, you will become a giant Pinball pinball machine. Visit Spain and survive in the running of the Bulls! In each country, you will collect coins from the world of travel, and you can change from coin stores, including special chairs, installation and damage to the skin! If you remove all the games from one setting, you can get a 2016 world traveler's medal!

More events
Return time capsule events! Silence of the cross, will give you an egg factory. Use the time capsule to send rocks back and forth, hunting monsters in order to collect your eggs. It depends on how many feathers you collect, you can earn a chair, a spell, a totem, and more! Then, help and make him a good job! The monster collection of mushrooms, the shrine, used to make eels, pork and salmon. Each bowl needs a different amount of rice, but once the bowl is finished, you can get paid!