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S3C1 Declining Crossroads

GameMK / 2016-05-28

S3C1 Declining Crossroads God-Lula Bada debut

       S3C1 finally ushered in the final chapter - the decline of the Crossroads. Sword Knight eventually in whose hands? What the devil Cardin premeditated what? Today, the light of God war kicked off, let us work together to witness known as "the most handsome Boss" Lula Bada style it!


      [Psychedelic Realm - The World of Yesterday]
       People's buy Vindictus Gold memories really be trusted?
       The World of Yesterday and today's world whether it is the same?
       About the memory of the deceased who constantly goes by, that person alone mercenary group, and could not recall who he really was,
       Whether it is a hero, or is about to become a hero who will stand on the decline of the Crossroads, so that he could not resist accepting the proposal.







      [Commander] Krayt
      Language Shiner Vatican summit crater commander. Body with monster hard stone construction can take advantage of a huge shield carried considerable destructive attacks.



       The Light of God - Lula Bada]
       Shiner peak in the Vatican, on the quiet lake, Lula Bada waiting for you heroes challenge. Former hero of justice, but now exudes a decadent atmosphere. Lula Bada adept at using guns and swords, spears attack especially with the explosion-like destruction. If the heroes can not work together, it is possible to lose all his precious mate!

       Only those with "for other members to sacrifice their courage" to Lula from Bada powerful attack, the guardian of all teammates.




      [New] Lula Bada equipped with arms




        The brave men, "Vindictus Gold" new campaign officially began, filling it!

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