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  • [Message] Javwarn:Great Service
  • Great service, always come back. Genuine maple player was weary at first but they always pull through. better than competing sites.
  • [Message] gamefreak249:Awesome!
  • These guys are so fast at responding! From purchase to receiving money in-game, took 15 mins max. Would recommend!
  • [Message] Anonymous user:Legit
  • Took a lot longer than I expected but that was only due to lag :) Thank you guys~ ^_^
  • [Message] Anonymous user:SUPER FAST
  • [Message] keiversantos:pro
  • very very fast calm collected waited for me to store and everything best prices ty :D
  • [Message] xjeiivu:Quick and easy
  • Wow, I can't believe how great the customer service was and how fast I got my mesos. Definitely buying from here again.
  • [Message] Nora:This was so helpful
  • This was so helpful and easy! Do you have any aritcles on rehab?
  • [Message] Anonymous user:Great Service and Chat Agent!
  • Heidi was awesome! Super quick, very friendly. Will buy again! :))
  • [Message] Anonymous user:Mesos less than 10 mins
  • Nice service and fast delivery
  • [Message] Anonymous user:super fast
  • Instant trade, literally 30 seconds after i placed order. legit

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